Who we are
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Who We Are

Having observed the inadequate living standards in certain economies, the unavailability of affordable housing facilities, the limited accessibility to industrial tooling, and the slow response by governmental agencies to addressing these deficits we believe that we can transform the housing market and make tooling more readily available through the use of 3D fabrication technologies.

Ms. Ronke Olufeso

CEO and Co-Founder

Ronke Olufeso is a finance professional with a passion for architecture, civil structures, and practical interior design. She has led and managed building projects in Europe handling all aspects from land acquisition, design, construction and sales. Ronke brings along years of experience in the field of deal negotiations, fundraising, and collaborating with key stakeholders in high-value building construction projects. She has a vision of providing affordable housing across the African landscape through the use of 3D printing technologies. At Ceder Solutions she oversees corporate partnerships, strategic planning, and sourcing requisite capital for projects.

Prof. Dr. Brando Okolo

CTO and Co-Founder

Brando Okolo is a professor of materials science and engineering with a passion for 3D printing technologies and its use in addressing the affordable housing challenges globally. He holds patents in the field of additive manufacturing including 3D printing technologies and actively promotes the sustainable use of materials in the construction and other industries. At Ceder Solutions he is a co-founder, responsible for technologies, materials and know-how development.

Mr. Tony Tran Mai

CSO and Co-Founder

Tony Tran-Mai has several years of management experience covering the areas of finance, insurance and technologies. He has played critical roles in the founding of technologies based start-ups, raising capital, creating technological teams, training and managing the deployment of new technologies in industry. He is passionate about the application of 3D printing technologies in the building construction industry. At Ceder Solutions he is a co-founder with responsibilities in sales, administration and recruitment.